Something about me. A short video about my craft.

My name is Abe Curland. I grew up in Norwich, CT, a small town in southeastern Connecticut. I am grateful to have survived my earlier years. Here I am now, starting the 2nd half of my life feeling more fulfilled, more alive than ever before. I am truly blessed with a loving family and many dear friends. My work at B&H Photo has ignited in me a passion for photography. Bird photography has by far become my favorite artistic pursuit. Going out early in the morning, before the birds wake up, has a calming effect on me that is hard to describe. Being able to capture that beauty with a camera fuels my enthusiasm to hone the craft.

Through my work I have met many superb photographers who have become my friends and mentors. I am so grateful for the time they take to help me become a better photographer.

I am humbled by the number of requests I get to purchase my photos. Therefore, I have launched this site to showcase and offer my photos to you. I thank you for visiting my site and I am honored that you are considering to gift or embellish your home and office with my work.

You can learn more about what I do from this interview published by www.SLRLounge.com. Click here to see the interview and video

Abe Curland